David Osio Continues With His Donations


The Venezuelan Lawyer, Financial Expert and Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group David Osio continues supporting non-profit organizations worldwide that in exchange help communities by means of the arts, the medical community, and music.

For decades, Osio has been supporting local and international non-profit organizations. Not only that, but Osio’s ideals also show through the philanthropic endeavors of his company. Davos Financial Group is known for contributing in the communities it operates. Osio’s companies believe deeply in an ideal, which is corporate social responsibility. Osio, now a citizen of Florida, was for a considerable amount of years a board member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. According to Osio, he and his companies donate to this orchestra at least yearly.

Osio is known for notably helping local communities, but the chief executive officer is also a strong supporter of international organizations. He, for example, is a prominent supporter of the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. Osio is a strong supporter of the scientific and medical communities. And he is especially concerned about children worldwide. Osio personally hopes that more affluent individuals can support this organization in the future since medical research for children is desperately needed. Osio is also a supporter of other organizations, such as the UMA and Fundana Foundation. Osio also recently donated money to the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, when the foundation exhibited Carlos Cruz Diez.

Osio is the founder, chief executive officer and director of Davos Financial Group, and he mainly deals with the company’s domestic and global strategies. Osio, after working for several companies providing legal and financial services, established Davos Financial Group of companies more than 20 years ago, the first of its kind of Venezuela. This company was founded with the goal of being able to to provide to a certain clientele with tailored financial services. It is also a very prominent financial boutique globally, especially in Latin America. Osio has also been able to successfully lead this firm locally and internationally. Davos Financial Group has independent and licensed companies operating in Portugal, the United States and Switzerland.

Before Osio worked for Banco Latino before establishing his financial firm.Within two years of working for this Latin American bank, he was promoted to vice president. In spite of the firm’s problems, many due to the political issues of Venezuela at the time, Osio was able to expand the bank’s costumer portfolio dramatically as well as its international position. Osio too worked for GMO, a very prominent law firm from Venezuela. Here, he dealt with many reputable corporations, such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro. Osio studied law at the Catholic University Andres Bello in the late 90s. Almost a decade later after graduating from this university, He attended the Institute of Higher Administration Studies of Caracas.

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Making a Difference

David Osio is a financial expert and philanthropist. He is the CEO of Davos financial group. He has supported charitable organizations for over 20 years. He majorly supports art, music and health issues in the community. Over the years, Osio has been a traditional sponsor of The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. David Osio is confident that one day the people who are well off will unite to make a difference.

As the CEO of Davos Financial group, David’s efforts have been recognized in domestic and international markets. New York City, Geneva, Miami, Lisbon and Panama are some of the cities that David and his company have invested in. David Osio graduated from Catholic University Andre Bello, Venezuela.

It is the 21st century. Every single day there is a new technology brought into the world. Davos Real Estate Group (REG) that forms Davos Financial Group is no different when it comes to inventing better technology for its clients. The company recently launched one of the greatest tools in finance called Davos CAP Calculator.

David Osio’s Davos Financial group is among the best in the Latin American market for the past 20 years. The company is outstanding due to the inclusive financial advice it offers to its clients. Furthermore, the services offered by the company are incredible. Every financial organization also requires the best professionals for it to run smoothly, this is one of the best strengths of Davos Financial Group.

Davos CAP Calculator couldn’t be a success without the great help of Davos REG, Executive Director, Gerard Gonzalez, he has been effortlessly working with the company’s technology team on the strategy and growth of this essential tool. This tool has made financial calculation stress free. iPhone and Android devices both have the mobile application.it has been enhanced on the current technology stages. According to Davos Financial Group, this is just a start to this technology, in the near future the application will be more developed and better applications will be discovered.

Anyone can make a difference like David Osio, all it takes is effort, courage, dedication and a step of faith.

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