Securus Technologies Protecting Officers in Dangerous Prisons

My day working as a prison guard is extremely dangerous, and as our jails get more crowded each year, the inmates become more violent. The overcrowded conditions combined with the presence of gang members, and you have a volatile mix that could erupt in violence directed towards officers, inmates, visitors, and staff. To try and keep the peace between everyone behind those prison walls, we are making use of resources designed to give the officers back that advantage.


One area we used to struggle with is monitoring the inmate calls. These inmates have become very good at concealing their conversations while on the phone, especially when one officer is assigned to listening in on those calls. The inmates could flood the phones, making it near impossible for the officers to pay close enough attention to all that chatter.


Securus Technologies has changed the way we monitor all those inmate calls. The company is based in Texas, and the CEO says that all thousand of his employees are all committed to making the world safer. The company installed a new inmate call monitoring system that is capable of listening to all the calls being made, then alerting my fellow officers if specific chatter is heard. This allows my team to still be on the front lines while the software does the work of several of my team.


To date, the Securus Technologies system and LBS software has helped my team to identify how drugs were getting into our visitor center. The system alerted my team when a gang member put out the order for his soldiers to attack a rival gang member in the mess hall. Our team was even alerted when an inmate was talking about how he was being ordered to sell drugs to kick up to a higher-ranking gang member in our facility.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Uses Oncotarget to Help People

One of the purposes of Oncotarget was to help people out with the issues that they have with cancer. Not only did Mikhail Blagosklonny want to treat cancer but he also wanted to treat the issues that were coming from cancer that he would not be able to fix with the treatments. He also had a lot of interest in being able to help people who were suffering as a result of the cancer treatment because he knew that it could be really hard on the body and on the people who were dealing with it. He wanted to fix these things and make all of them better for all of his patients.Since Mikhail Blagosklonny started Oncotarget, he found out about an anti-aging drug that could be used to help people who were having immune system problems. He used the drug to help them when they were being treated for cancer so that they would be able to survive the world around them.

It has made a huge impact for different people and has helped them to survive the different issues that often come with treatment so that others will be able to have a chance to experience more even while dealing with these issues. He also knew that it would help them to feel better while dealing with treatments.Oncotarget is a publication where people can learn more about cancer. It is used by doctors and those who are in medical school, but those who simply want to learn more about Oncotraget can also use it to make their own lives better. For Oncotarget to grow, different people have to be sure that they are going to take the most out of the situations that they have. It is also something that will make a huge difference for others who want to experience the best out of the situations that they are in.

Even when Mikhail Blagosklonny was just getting the publication started, he knew what he could do and how he could try to make things easier on different people. He also knew that his publication would only grow if he added others aside from oncologists so he chose to do that. While most of these people can learn something from the publication, he tries to keep it focused on oncology so that people will have a chance to experience more out of the situations that they are in and out of the issues that they might have had.Even when people are not able to find treatment from Oncotarget, they can learn more about the issues that are going on in the medical world. Oncotarget is setup in such a way that allows doctors the chance to communicate. They can use the platform to ensure that they are doing what they can to learn as much as possible and that is what has made the publication one of the best that people can use for different purposes and for the abilities that they need to be able to have.