Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

What Is Multi-Variate Testing?

According to Sentient AI, it is a system of tests where different variables are used. Different variables are used to test a specific hypothesis. The end result is to determine which combinations of variables provides the best outcome.

Is there a difference between A/B Testing and Multi-Variate Testing?

According to Sentient AI, there is two major difference and they will affect the general outcome of the tests you are performing.

1) The A/B Test allows you to create two different versions of the same page. You split the traffic equally between the two. You can also use 4 different pages. An A/B Test allows you to change the variables in your favor.

2) The Multi-Variate Test allows to test specific elements on a specific page. You are not testing different pages, as you are with an A/B Test. You are testing different elements on one page with a Multi-Variate Test.

The goal of the second test is to see what elements in a page gives you the best results. Some elements give you the desired outcome when compared to others. The Multi-Variate Test shows you the results.

Which one Should I use?

What outcome you are looking for? Multi-Variate Testing offers three advantages over the A/B Testing.

1) This test allows you to measure a customer’s patterns. It lets you see the customer’s behavior. The results are a good way to analyze what does and does not work in terms of conversion. Your goal is to turn a potential customer into an actual customer. Performing this test will give the answer you are looking for.

2) Every webpage has data that is both necessary and unnecessary. Your goal is to find out what data is not necessary. A test like this will give you the information you need. You can then remove all the unnecessary data and keep everything else.

3) The A/B Test gives you limited room for testing. You will only be able to test 2-4 full pages and not much else. The Multi-Variate Test gives you more options. You get to test different combinations, in different ways. You can perform the same 4 tests you did on one page with all your other pages. The analysis gives you more information and pays close attention to some of the finer details.

How José Auriemo Neto is Different From Other Developers

As one of the members of the Top 500 in Brazil, José Auriemo Neto has set himself apart and made himself one of the premier developers in the industry. He knew what it would take to build his business, his name and his brand so he set out to do it in every way possible. Because José Auriemo Neto has known what he needs to do since the beginning of his career, he is offering different opportunities to those who he works with. The career he has allowed him to keep giving people different opportunities to people throughout the industry.

Even though José Auriemo Neto has always worked for himself, he knows what it takes to provide excellent service to people who need him. The basis of his business is offering his services and providing positive experiences for his clients. As long as he knows what they need, he is prepared to give them everything there is to offer. He is also doing what he can to give them the experiences they need in different companies. While José Auriemo Neto continues to develop the area of Brazil he is from, he wants to branch out to make things even better. To know more about him click here.

One of the things he did was created the first destination shopping center in Brazil. He knew there were many opportunities people would need to have so he chose to put them into place. He decided the destination shopping center would be somewhere people could go and vacation to. Similar to other destination centers, the shopping center provided an outlet that allowed José Auriemo Neto to continue building. Now, people would have a chance to truly enjoy what they could do while they were shopping. It helped him grow the business and helped the economy in Brazil since people began visiting just to go shopping.


Anthony Petrello Leading The Way In Helping The Community

In most companies, social responsibility is an integral part of their organizational culture. These companies never shy away from helping the community whenever there is a need. Top executives of these companies are the driving forces behind the positive contributions the companies make towards the community. Without such leaders, the organizations that previously prioritized social responsibility and giving back to the community would take a back seat on these activities.

An example of such companies and leaders include the Nabors industries and their chief executive officer, President and board Chairman Anthony Petrello. In an article titled “ How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief”, The Nabors industry and their Chief executive officer stand out as very caring towards the community and do not only focus on profit-making as most companies do.

The Hurricane Harvey left many people homeless after destroying homes and flooding streets. Supplies were scares and the demand for food became widespread in the region. Petrello’s present luxurious life has not overshadowed his humble origins. He still connects with the needs of the less fortunate and the victims of various disasters such as the Hurricane Harvey. He mobilized his team to reach out to everybody in need of help because of the disaster. People were able to see the Petrello who is famous for his philanthropic activities with the Neurological research institute at Texas children’s hospital and the endowment prize at Yale University. As the highest paid CEO, Petrello has earned his respect among his peers and continues to lead the way for other top executives to follow.

Philanthropic activities in Houston would be incomplete without the mention of Tony Petrello. Unlike other top executive officers, Petrello takes matters of social responsibility very seriously and practices them more often than most officers in his cadre. Petrello whose current position involves leading the largest Geothermal and natural gas drilling company in the world knows too well, what constitutes an effective social responsibility. Petrello holds J.D degree from Harvard and BS and MS degrees in Mathematics from Yale universities. He began his career in 1979 at Baker & McKenzie law firm where he rose to the rank of a managing partner in 1986. He joined Nabors industries in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer, rising to the post of the President in 1992. He became the chairperson of the company in 2012, a post he currently holds.

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