Southridge Capital a Place for Financial Cure

Southridge Capital Investment Group is a private based equity firm that provides investment banking and securities brokerage services. The company was founded in 1996, and its headquarters are in East Coast, New England, and in Northeastern US. With over 20 years of experience in commercial locations, Southridge Capital becomes the best in providing quality funding and advisory services for your business. Additionally, the company advice on several issues, from the process of becoming a public company, to individualized finance techniques, to optimized balance sheet management and a full corporate restricting. For more details visit

Southridge Capital has been involved in humanitarian actions giving back to the community. It believes in the principle of social responsibility either informal or formal charity. Through promoting volunteer work, community leadership and giving plays a vital role in strengthening the companies bond and also leaves a positive impact on society. Stephen Hicks, the founder and CEO of Southridge together with his wife Mary started a charitable organization called Daystar Foundation. Steve and Mary aimed in assisting needy people directly and to leave a positive change through committing time and financial resources. Southridge through Daystar Foundation over the years have contributed thousands of dollars to various organizations including;

  • The Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Save a Child`s Heart Foundation

Recently during an interview of Stephen Hick, which was titled “do less deals and focus on cash instead of return,” Steve says he gained the idea of establishing this company when he was working in NY hedge fund. He thought of how he could develop his own Hedge, and in reality, it happened. You can visit their Facebook page.

Stephen Hicks advice to investors is to invest in either an actual or podcast channel for the cryptocurrency, an explosive industry where endless participants are discussing their “coin” while the world is watching. One of the favorite books to Steve Hicks is a biographical inspiration history of Rockefeller who became who he was and the challenges and successes he experienced in his life called “Titan.” Stephen likes reading and learns using Wall Street Journal Online, Quotestream and OTC markets which enlightens him with daily and historical information on the markets and individual companies.


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