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Gino Pozzo is the owner of the football club known as Watfold. At the age of 18, he moved to the United States of America to earn a degree. After graduating, he moved back to Spain, then eventually England along with his family and his newly acquired football club. Pozzo bought the Watfold club in 2012, which at the time, hadn’t been very successful. Within the next few years, the football club had managed to move up to the Premiere League, the top tier football division league in England.

Watfold has changed managers eight times since Pozzo purchased the club. Out of those eight managers, all of them completed their seasons from start to finish. The way that they sign their coaches is very much unlike the way that they sign there players. The Pozzo family signs players of a young age so they will be able to spend many years at the club. The coaches are short so that they won’t have too much influence on the players, and they will get a fresh perspective at least once every couple of years.

out of the three football clubs that Gino Pozzo owns, the Watfold club is his pride and joy. He cares more about their improvement, and not so much about the money. He enjoys attending their practice just to check up on them and making sure everything is going well. Today, people are saying the club is playing better than ever before, and they are continuing to improve. Javi Gracia is the current coach of the team, and he is working hard to keep the club in the Premiere League. Gino Pozzo was also ranked in the top five of CEO club owners for football based mostly on the fact that he brought the team to the highest league in only four short years.

Article Title: Ara Chackerian is a Spokesperson for the Healthcare Sector

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You could make a strong case that Ara Chackerian is the most prominent businessman and philanthropist in San Francisco, California. He is involved with many initiatives that work to better the area. In fact, much of his work is is centered around efforts that benefit the community as a whole. The backbone of his career is his vast experience in the healthcare field. He has literally spent decades building a the bridge between technology and healthcare services. His commitment to this goal has never wavered throughout his career and he is an active member of many boards in the Bay Area. As an avid philanthropist he also focuses a lot of his attention on environmental and youth development causes.

He’s recently been spending some time in Nicaragua, looking over a sustainable teak farm. The farm is called Limonapa Teak. Limonapa takes great care to not leave too big of an eco-footprint. It makes sure to always utilize environmentally-friendly agricultural practices so its operations don’t negatively effect the local environment. The farm also benefits the local economy as it provides well paying jobs for residents.

Ara Chackerian is a strong believer that the healthcare sector changes the dynamics of stock investing. The healthcare sector has a history of yielding great returns in the stock market. There multiple stocks within the healthcare sector that have shown tremendous performance in the stock market.

Welltower is one such stock that can be great for investors. The company is a high profile drug manufacturer. Though the company has been thriving for years and yielding great returns for investors it is expected to improve even more in the near future. Not to mention, Welltower plans to launch a drug that will attract high demand.

While Chackerian doesn’t pay too much attention to trends he does have his eyes on digital healthcare. He says it is a very exciting time for the healthcare sector. Read more about Ara Chackerian:

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