Bernardo Chua Gives Quality Coffee at Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of Organo Gold. His specialty in entrepreneurship is direct sales, a strategy that he believes works so well and that has seen him excel. Direct sales have seen his line of business develop each day. Organo Gold is a coffee company, it also makes other products that are close to coffee.

He also has expertise in network marketing, a skill he has used to boost the development of Organo Gold. Moreover he is a beneficiary of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur but it takes the best entrepreneurs to receive awards due to their hard work. Bernardo Chua has received these awards, they are Dangal ng Bayan by people’s Choice Awards and in 2014 he got the National Consumers Quality Award.

The company has been mentioned as part of direct selling firms in the food supply sector. In matters of a worldwide situation, Chua has partnered with important people in Ganoderma creation.

He has an experience of so many years when it comes to direct sales business and letting people know how important it is to the business economy. Due to his success he has extended his business to The Philippines. Ganoderma is the main produce in Organo Gold. It is an extraordinary ingredient which produces mushrooms. Bernado Chua had knowledge of the ingredient.

In 2006 the organization was mentioned as the 55th biggest direct sales company globally, this is because of how prosperous it has become thus marking its success. It achieved this accomplished because in a couple of 5 years it showed so much development. The company has one million suppliers around the world.

Organo Gold has been sustainable in producing worthy coffee worldwide and therefore boosting its work in the industry. The organization has excellent products that maintain the relationship it has with its clients as well as the business development.

This coffee the company produces is nourishing and has a good flavor. Organo Gold is situated in Canada, this is a country that is well-known to have great strategies in producers and businesses, therefore the company is in good hands.

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