Robert Ivy Recognized For His Amazing Achievements

Everyone hopes that they’ll leave a mark in the world. This desire is often even more common within certain fields. Architects, for example, have the chance to leave an amazing legacy to the world. New buildings and construction projects might well be a part of people’s lives for generations to come.

But even in that illustrious group, some voices are heard more clearly than others. The recent recognition of Robert Ivy shows just why one should always strive for the peak of one’s profession.

Because Robert Ivy isn’t just an architect. And this can be seen quite clearly from the nature of his lifetime achievement award. The award isn’t coming from any of the architectural institutions one might expect. He’s actually the very first architect to ever receive it.

The award comes from the Institute of Arts and Letters Mississippi. And Robert Ivy’s receipt of their Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award places him in good company. Figures as prestigious as Morgan Freeman and Eudora Welty have received it in the past. However, one would be quite right in noting that this is a rather eclectic grouping. At first glance the figures might not seem to have much in common.

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But they all share two traits. The first is counting Mississippi as a home and inspiration. And the second is artistic passion. This trait in particular is what makes Robert Ivy such an inspirational figure. Most architects hope to leave a firm legacy. But Ivy has created amazing artistry within his physical structures. And he’s managed to create a number of influential social connections as well.

This influence is one of the reasons he’s so deserving of a lifetime achievement award. He’s obviously tremendously influential within the field itself. Nancy Laforge, head of the MAIL, stated it quite succinctly. She noted that no other architect has made the field more accessible to the general public. One of the more notable examples of this comes from his biography. It helped to not only explain his choices, but also helps others to pave their own way in life.

And to many, this is the true legacy of Robert Ivy. And it’s a trait shared by most of the award recipients. The reward isn’t about simply meeting one particular goal or qualification. It recognizes when someone has laid a foundation for success that other people in Mississippi can build upon. This is why he’s honored alongside so many artists and performers.

His award isn’t simply for excellence in his field. It’s for bringing an exceptional artistry to those works.

Robert Ivy as CEO of AIA receives different awards. Like Master Architect, Crain Award and others. He graduated in Tulane University. He works as Vice President of McGraw Hill and Editor in Chief of Architectural Record.

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American Institute Of Architects Teaches Innovation To New Generation

The American Institute of Architects is an organization open to all architects in the United States. Their goal as an organization is to work together to ever improve their craft and share knowledge and ideas with one another. Architecture has been influenced by so many facets of American history and this professional organization seeks to maintain the history of their profession while also instilling the value of innovation into the youngest generation of up and coming architects.

Although the American Institute of Architects is headquartered in Washington D.C. their influences reach not only across the United States but across the globe. The AIA advocates for the rights of architects and their ability to be fairly treated and compensated for their work and skill sets. Another large aspect of the AIA’s role is to provide continued education for architects across the nation. Because the field of architecture is constantly changing, it is imperative that architects are constantly learning new techniques, new designs and new skill sets.

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The American Institute of Architects also works hand in hand with communities that are seeking to revitalize their public buildings. The AIA offers their expertise to redevelop communities that have either fallen on hard times or are simply trying to attract a new demographic of people to their city. The American Institute of Architects dates back all the way to 1857 where they began building the positive image of architects and officially set forth what was required to officially hold the title of architect. This same framework has been built upon and is still used to this day to define the skill sets that graduating architects need to have in order to be productive members of the architectural community.

There are currently more than three hundred chapters of the American Institute of Architects spread out across the United States. Architecture has always been a way of telling the history of the United States and as our nation changed so did the architecture of our public buildings and even our homes. As this nation will undoubtedly change in the future, so will its architecture. As we look to preserve the past and inspire innovation in the future the American Institute of Architects will continue to pass their bountiful knowledge down to generation after generation of talented architects.

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