How Neurocore Is Helping Treat Depression

The tools for diagnosing and treating depression have been somewhat outdated for the past few years, and possibly even decades. Generally speaking, the method of diagnosis relies on checklists and a patients explanation of their symptoms; these can often be misinterpreted and lead to a faulty diagnosis. However, Neurocore has been working extensively for the past decade and a half to develop new and improved ways of not only diagnosing the symptoms of depression but also how it’s treated. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The company, which is based in Michigan and was founded in 2014, has been using more brain and data-based methods to map a patients brain to figure out exactly what’s causing these symptoms. Through this, Neurocore has been able to provide a more personal approach to treating their patients’ depression. The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers across the country have been specializing in these forms of treatments and have been the leaders in innovation in the mental health industry for quite some time. The biggest niche that they’ve specialized in and help to drive is the area of applied neurofeedback. This not only treats the major symptoms of depression but targets any minor symptoms that many other treatments may overlook.



This form of treatment has also been shown to help in the areas of stress and concentration, but have been able to help patients sleep better. Over the past few years, Neuorcore has been mapping the electrical activity of their patients’ brains using some advanced qEEG technology. Combined with a few other innovative technologies, this helps Neurocore technicians to develop a better understanding of a patients brain; according to the company, each patient is unique and the health care companies innovative technology gives them the unique treatment that they need. This offers a personal treatment plan that is often a lot more effective than the approach taken by many others. Read more about Neurocore at