Alabama Executive Barbara Stokes Builds Homes And Dreams

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes Delivered. The company is based in Huntsville, Alabama, with a second office in Russellville, Alabama. They design and build fully equipped modular homes that are delivered directly to the places they are most needed. In neighborhoods that have suffered the aftermath of disastrous storms, the company assists all of the affected area residents the opportunity to get some normalcy back into their lives. A brand new modular home developed by Green Structure Homes provides the shelter of a home to the hundreds and sometimes thousands of displaced families. Barbara Stokes and her team work along with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to bring emergency relief housing solutions. Read this article at

The company was founded by Barbara Stokes, a successful Alabama businesswoman. Her husband, Scott Stokes serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Scott has a vast amount of experience in engineering and logistics, among other topics. They have developed a high quality modular home that meets all safety guidelines. Green Structure Homes has been awarded a $28.5 million contract by FEMA. Barbara has many years of experience with government contracting gained from her previous work experience. Before starting her own company, Barbara Stokes worked at the Pisces Corporation and at Boeing, where she learned a great deal about the competitive environment of government contracting guidelines. Barbara Stokes is also very knowledgeable about thermodynamics and manufacturing procedures. She and her husband Scott Stokes have an excellent reputation for quality and integrity products, and the company is very highly regarded in the industry.


Barbara enjoys helping people, and she gives of herself and her company to that end. She is an active and generous participant in charitable and volunteer activities in her community. Read more about Barbara Stokes at