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There are many people who are curious about the stock market and want to invest in it but are afraid of losing out money. If you want to invest in the stock market, Igor Cornelsen can provide you with the guidance that would help you safeguard your investments. He has been active in the financial world, especially the stock market for nearly four decades. During this period, Igor Cornelsen has gained a lot of experience that he uses today to help Main Street Americans secure their future financially and enjoy their retirement.

Igor Cornelsen says that while investing at the right time is necessary, one should also keep it in mind that investments are made in a diversified manner. The stock market has proven itself to be one of the most profitable venues of investment and has provided consistent returns to the investors. If you want to invest for the long-run, then you must invest in the fundamentally strong stocks as advised by Igor Cornelsen. He has headed Brazilian banks like Multibanco and Unibanco and has also worked with the Libra Bank PLC. Working for the banks and managing funds has given him a very clear view of how the stock market operates and what are the ways one can achieve better profits.

Igor Cornelsen believes that there is a great potential in investing in stocks, but the truth is that not everyone is qualified to make such decisions. Those who are not aware of the financial market often listen to the headlines and make decisions based on it. Igor Cornelsen, on the other hand, ensures that people need to do their research and find out the truth behind it. Taking advice from an investment expert can help them make the right decision without having to take high risks and losing their money.

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Nexbank’s Future Ventures And The community in Dallas.

The 54 million dollars subordinated debt offering.

On Sept 29, 2017, Nexbank announced its success in the transition of a $54 million private placements of its subordinate notes, fixed to a floating rate, to other institutions and big-time investors. The Dallas based financial institution plans to use the proceeds of these transactions to continue growing and expanding its corporate ventures. By the announcement, Nexbank had raised over 200 million dollars in debt and equity going back one year. These subordinated notes have a non-callable span of five years with their maturity expected in September 2027. Investors in these notes will experience a 6.375% fixed rate for the first five years and a floating rate after that will be designed according to the then three months LIBOR of 458.5. These notes have been categorized under the BBB investment grade rating and classify in Tier two capital under the applicable capital rules and regulations.

Under the offering that closed only ten days before the announcement, Sandler O’Neill & partners were the only placement agents of the private offering of the fixed to floating rate subordinated notes. With all the upside of these notes, there are other factors that have affected these notes in the market. The Nexbank Capital notes cannot be sold or offered since they are not registered under the Securities Act in the United States without a special exemption from the necessary requirements or the registration itself.

As a financial institution, Nexbank is oriented and built on three main pillars in the financial world. One is the commercial banking, the second one being offering institutional financial services and finally one if the most lucrative of the banking businesses, mortgage banking. The bank primarily deals with financial institutions and corporations providing them with customized banking and financial plans and other services all over the United States.

Within Dallas, the institution has partnered with different communities and organizations in order to create and maintain a culture of growth, sustainainace, and development in Dallas and Texas at large. These communities benefit from fundings in form of donations and support in form of assistance in the development of financial plans to promote education and other basic needs of the entire society in Dallas. It has partnered with the Dallas Women leadership group, now called the Texas Women leadership, as a financial supporter of their annual summit and with parents from the different school in the development of long term education plans.


Southridge Capital a Place for Financial Cure

Southridge Capital Investment Group is a private based equity firm that provides investment banking and securities brokerage services. The company was founded in 1996, and its headquarters are in East Coast, New England, and in Northeastern US. With over 20 years of experience in commercial locations, Southridge Capital becomes the best in providing quality funding and advisory services for your business. Additionally, the company advice on several issues, from the process of becoming a public company, to individualized finance techniques, to optimized balance sheet management and a full corporate restricting. For more details visit

Southridge Capital has been involved in humanitarian actions giving back to the community. It believes in the principle of social responsibility either informal or formal charity. Through promoting volunteer work, community leadership and giving plays a vital role in strengthening the companies bond and also leaves a positive impact on society. Stephen Hicks, the founder and CEO of Southridge together with his wife Mary started a charitable organization called Daystar Foundation. Steve and Mary aimed in assisting needy people directly and to leave a positive change through committing time and financial resources. Southridge through Daystar Foundation over the years have contributed thousands of dollars to various organizations including;

  • The Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Save a Child`s Heart Foundation

Recently during an interview of Stephen Hick, which was titled “do less deals and focus on cash instead of return,” Steve says he gained the idea of establishing this company when he was working in NY hedge fund. He thought of how he could develop his own Hedge, and in reality, it happened. You can visit their Facebook page.

Stephen Hicks advice to investors is to invest in either an actual or podcast channel for the cryptocurrency, an explosive industry where endless participants are discussing their “coin” while the world is watching. One of the favorite books to Steve Hicks is a biographical inspiration history of Rockefeller who became who he was and the challenges and successes he experienced in his life called “Titan.” Stephen likes reading and learns using Wall Street Journal Online, Quotestream and OTC markets which enlightens him with daily and historical information on the markets and individual companies.


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Eric Lefkofsky: Being Involved in Oncology

Eric Lefkofsky is an active businessman and entrepreneur who focused in the field of health and medicine technology. He founded a huge number of companies and startups, with Tempus being one of them. He decided to create Tempe because of his will to help oncologists around the world to understand cancer and to gain new information about the disease. The platform that he created will be used as an avenue for the scientists to share some information that can be used interchangeably by their colleagues. Another reason why he created Tempus is that of his will to create a technology that can hold a huge number of patient data and other information related to their health.

Since its establishment, Tempus has gained the attention of the media because of the products and services that they offer. Oncologists around the globe are praising the project initiated by Tempus which would allow them to access a vast network of systems that would be useful in thinking for new ways on how to treat their patients. They also created some tools that can be used by the oncologists to save more lives, especially those who are suffering from cancer and its side effects. The project being developed by Tempus also allows the system to accept information about the patient’s molecular data, and oncologists are using it because of its advantage in thinking about their next move.

The secret behind the success of the project from Tempus is from the overpowered software that was created under the supervision of Eric Lefkofsky. The project is actively compiling a huge number of data that can help scientists understand the disease further. It is also responsible for compiling all of the known information about cancer since the dawn of its discovery. By using the new project from Tempus, oncologists can provide millions of practicing physicians the right to ask their patients about how they wanted to customize their cancer treatment. The scientific community thanked Eric Lefkofsky because of his contribution to its improvement. They are hoping that his community would be creating more similar products in the future that would improve everyone’s quality of life.

Dave Giertz asks Advisors to talk about Social Security

In a video interview published by Wall Street Journal, Dave Giertz provided a detailed explanation of why advisors should take the responsibility of speaking to their clients about social security.

He noted that in a survey conducted; most customers would prefer their advisors to talk about social security yet they are not doing so. In the survey on Twitter, about four to five people agreed they would change their advisors if they were not talking about social security.

David Giertz thinks advisors are avoiding the topic about social security as it is a very complex topic with hundreds of rules. He advises what is important is understanding those rules on He said advisors need to take an interest in issues related to social security as when clients are planning retirement planning process according to; social security covers up to forty percent of that. He said those who avoid the topic of social security could lose up to three hundred thousand US dollars in twenty-five years which is quite a lot of money. Hence both clients and advisors need to pay attention to issues regarding social security.

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Dave Giertz educational background

Dave Giertz received a very high background education which set a solid foundation to his career journey. Between the year 1982 and 1986, Dave attended the Millikin University where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. He later proceeded to earn his master’s degree at University of Miami School of business in the year 2002.

Dave Giertz’s career journey

In 2004, Dave Giertz became the president at Nationwide Financial. He held the position for about six years before advancing to become the president at the same company in Wirehouse distribution channel at

Since March 2013 up to date, Dave Giertz serves as president, Nationwide Financial Distributors in Nation Wide Financial. His role entails being responsible for wholesale strategies and in the distribution of retirement sector retirement plans.