How Goettl Expanded Into The Southern California HVAC Industry

Goettl Air Conditioning recently announced that they had acquired a Southern California HVAC company named Walton’s Heating and Air. Goettl Air Conditioning had been looking to acquire Walton’s for a number of years as a way to expand into the heating and cooling industry of California. Goettl, which has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as the Arizona cities of Phoenix and Tuscon, has been rapidly expanding over recent years after it was purchased by a new owner, Ken Goodrich.

The owner of Walton’s, Todd Longbrake, finally decided to sell his company to Goettl after realizing that Goettl could expand the scope of his company far more than he could do on his own. He had first been approached about the sale of his company to Goettl in 2015. He finally decided to do the deal after getting very positive feedback about Ken Goodrich from a variety of other people also in the HVAC industry.

It was later in 2015 that the sale of Walton’s to Goettl was completed. However, the purchase wasn’t announced until now as there were both marketing and operational complications that needed to first be sorted out. Todd Longbrake continues to be involved with his company after the sale as one of Goettl’s field supervisors and sales managers. He said that the marriage between the two companies has led to a great deal of success and he has seen the company grow ten times over since 2015. The rapid expansion has led to 306 people now being employed by Goettl and expectations that they will hire another 200 people over the coming year.

Ken Goodrich has said that the long term goal he has for his company is for it to be a national brand. He has said that the next markets he is looking to become a part of are both Texas and Northern California. From there he plans to expand both north and east over time. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

At Goettl Air Conditioning they install and repair home heating and cooling equipment. They also provide these services for commercial HVAC systems. Additionally, he has employees who are experienced at both cleaning and repairing home ducts. Over time ducts become cluttered with dust, bugs, and potentially rodent droppings which drastically impacts the air that people breathe in their homes. The duct cleaning Goettl performs not only removes these contaminants from the air but it also improves the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment.