Harry Harrison Interview

A well-informed business mogul of sound morals, Harry Harrison is an enthusiastic entrepreneur of considerable success. Previously known for his role at Barclays Non-Core, Harrison served as one of the company’s executives for three prosperous years. Following his retirement, Harrison transitioned into a stay-at-home father and counsels on the side. Harrison’s expertise in finance and economics makes him the prime candidate for advising others on their financial affairs. Some fields he covers are private equity, venture capital, and commercial technology.

In addition to being a dad and financial advisor, Harrison is also an entrepreneur. Alongside his wife, Amy Nauiokas, Harrison brought Anthemis Group to fruition. This London-based venture investment firm seeks to cultivate change and ascertain which macroeconomic forces make a company thrive. According to Harrison, diversity, humility, and collaboration are the three primary elements that enable him to succeed. Above all else, Harrison subscribes to the notion that ideas are only as strong as the intellect, perspectives, and teamwork individuals put in.

Regarding the future of our society, Harrison is intrigued by the ever-evolving Information Age. It’s Harrison’s firm conviction that the realm of finance will benefit profoundly due to advancements in technology. Harrison’s dubbed up-and-coming progressive firms “fintech adjacent.” As the industry evolves, Harrison’s predictions will no doubt materialize. His keen insight into these matters is in large part why Harrison is a businessman of highly sought-after advice. Though he’s revered as a mover and shaker in his domain, Harrison’s never wavered from his modest disposition.