Highland Capital: Taking the Initiative For North Texas Communities

When James Jim Dondero Co-founded his company, Highland Capital Management, he always had the goal in mind of giving back to his community. Of course, that community involves North Texas. It does not matter that Highland Capital is a global corporation. The charitable contributions that Dondero makes is right in his own backyard. Read this article at Dallas News.

Dondero’s donation budget has grown to over $3 million and he was in need of a partner to help oversee it. This is where Mary Jalonick came in. She is the President & CEO of the Dallas Foundation. She heads a team that consists of philanthropic and donor experts who know how to handle large contributions and get them to the right places for good use. This is good because there will also be records of where the money is going. When contributions are made to such entities as the Dallas Zoo, veterans affairs and homeless projects it is a must that someone shows expertise as to how these funds are to be appropriated. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Dondero picked the right person for the job and has experienced success in having his contributions successfully used to make a difference in the community he is fond of. Jalonick is doing her job in keeping up with the budget as it gets larger. After all, Dondero is wants to make sure his philanthropic efforts are meeting the needs of the people. As to how much is this budget going to grow, who knows. As long as there is a need, Dondero will continue to contribute to it. Animals, homeless people, and our veterans need a lot of support. If anyone is willing to give it, then it really should be taking place.

It is good to know that Highland Capital is just not about turning a profit. There are ethical aspects that make this corporation great. It should set the example for other companies to follow suit. They should give back to their communities just as much as Highland Capital has. Philanthropy is indeed a great position. To obtain it, there is nothing like being generous. Highland Capital has it intact.

Visit: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/highland-capital-management-closes-private-equity-fund-with-south-koreas-national-pension-service-300456659.html

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