Jeffrey Schneider Fights for the Rights of Women

Jeffrey Schneider has over twenty years of experience in the finance sector. During this period he has assisted in the transformation of the industry in the companies he has served. Jeffrey is also a passionate entrepreneur with interests in writing. He runs his blog where he writes on a wide variety of topics in the financial field. Jeffrey’s experience working with financial institu-tions has helped him to hone skills in various sectors of the finance field such as the alternative investment, credit sector, and the investment sector. He has partnered with financial advisors and investors in offering business solutions to clients.

The formation of Ascendant Capital Management

Jeffrey’s interests in business prompted him to form Ascendant Capital Management. The firm specializes in the provision of alternative investment solutions to investors and institutional cli-ents. His experience in the financial industry has assisted him to establish a company focused on the provision of research-based solutions. Jeffrey management skills have enabled him to de-velop the company to become one of the most sought alternative investment institutions.

His blog

Jeffery writes extensively in his blog on many topics in the finance industry. He wrote an inter-esting article on the ways to handle women in the workplace. Jeffrey says that women have in many circumstances reported instances of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harass-ment comes in different forms which make the women demotivated to exploit their potential in their areas of expertise. Jeffrey acknowledges that his company has put strategies to ensure women feel valued. He outlines the procedure that male counterparts should employ to make women feel valued at the workplace as follows:

The men should learn to listen to women so that they can articulate their ideas without interfer-ence. Men in the workplace environment should shun from dominating meetings and unneces-sary interruptions. Women should get time to express their views.

Male workers should behave professionally at work environment shunning romantic names that would make women feel that their work is not taken seriously.

Jeffrey also states that women should get appreciated for contributing brilliant ideas in compa-nies. Stealing the ideas and not acknowledging the owner is unprofessional. He also says that men should advocate for the rights of women