Jeremy Goldstein’s Diverse Background and Experience

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Among the great attorneys featured is Jeremy L. Goldstein. If you’re unaware, Goldstein has recently started his own firm after being with another prominent firm as a partner. Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC is a boutique firm that focuses on the areas of executive compensation, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance matters. Goldstein’s record of working to resolve matters even with the largest of corporations is quite impressive.


Surprisingly, Goldstein’s undergraduate and master’s degrees are in the concentration of art history. He eventually decided to go to law school at NYU and graduated with distinction. He’s kept in touch with the school and has even contributed to their law journal. He’s spoken at conventions on corporate governance and even has done work for Harvard University by contributing to their business school’s publication also on corporate governance. With such a diverse background and even making time to contribute to charity work, it’s easy to see why Jeremy Goldstein is such a great success.


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