Larkin & Lacey

Michael Lacey is the son of a construction worker. His family has instilled lessons of honest, hard work into him since his birth. He was raised in the bustling city of Newark, New Jersey and moved away to attend college in 1960.

He attended Arizona State University. He was studying journalism during the time of war; he and a few students decided to publish their own newspaper to protest. The protest newspaper would go on to become the inaugural issue of Phoenix New Times.

When the school banned publication of his paper he dropped out and pursued the route of independent publishing. The paper quickly grew in popularity amongst alternative Americans and underrepresented Americans. The weekly circulation grew to serve an audience of more than 100 readers.

Jim Larkin grew up in Arizona and dropped out of Arizona State University when he became a founding member of the Phoenix New Times. He and Michael Lacey addressed political, social, and local issues that were not getting the coverage they felt the issues deserved. Their main focus for the paper in the beginning was their platform of antiwar protests.

They had been banned from protesting on campus so they decided to use their publication to voice their unrest. Their paper was young and hip, it was fierce and feisty, other alternative papers in the country were growing in popularity during the same period Phoenix New Times was released.

Throughout their careers as editor in chief and journalist, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would lead their paper to the masses in the nation. They fought for the rights of minorities. Many of their subjects dealt with racism and bigotry. There favorite topic was the county sheriff Joe Arapaio.

They revealed the illegal actions being taken by the Maricopa County sheriff and deputies. Many times, Joe Arapaio used unrestricted force and racial profiling to handle immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The conditions in his jail were horrible. All of his ill deeds were revealed in the Phoenix New Times over the course of a few years and Arapaio wanted the newspaper silenced.

He attempted to violate the First Amendment Rights of Lacey and Larkin and was tried in court. After deciding that he would be sentenced for obstruction of justice, Joe Arapaio was rewarded a presidential pardon.

He remains a free man today and is planning to run for a seat in the Senate. It is unfortunate that a racist and bigot can run for an office but Lacey and Larkin will reveal the truth.

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