Securus Technologies: A Leader in Innovative Communication in Correctional Facilities

Since its founding, Securus Technologies has carved out a name for itself as the leading provider of innovative correctional facilities communication services. This has seen the company receive positive feedback from its clients. Some of the comments ranged from emails and formal letters received from prison officers and communities directly involved with Securus across the United States. Through its technology, a facility customer was able to arrest a corrupt staff member using information obtained from phone calls. Securus successfully helped a correctional facility monitor calls containing information on inmate alcohol and drug selling, and use. It also helped in monitoring threats, suspicious conversations regarding cash transit and a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount. While at another, the vendor of choice has committed to providing better incarceration services in quest to help in improvements and safety. Securus’ investigative tools have improved and made investigations less tedious.




Additionally, the reporting data has also helped in creating measures to curb the supply of contraband in correctional facilities. Investigative tools have also made it easy for staff members to conduct investigations where there is a complaint of harassment or potential threat to the facility’s security. Securus’ covert alert feature has also been effective in bringing a suspect into custody. Major milestones have also been realized in terms of evidence gathering which has helped in solving of cases and recovering of stolen items.


Company Profile


Securus Technologies Inc., founded in 1997, is among the world’s leading providers of detainee communications, government information management solutions and parole tracking. A leader in the provision of comprehensive, innovative technical solutions and responsive customer interactions, Securus strives to meet the needs of its clients. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, with four subsidiaries in the Dallas and Atlanta, Georgia. The company is currently headed by Robert Pickens who serves as its president.