Write About the Fagali Airport or Island

More Than A Building On The Side Of The Road

If you are not sure what you are looking for, it is easy to mistake the Fagali Airport for just being a building next to the road. It is a little more than that, but it is not the modern terminals that one excepts to see. The Fagali airport has a long history. It began as a single grass strip that was once closed due to villagers complaints about noise and safety. It still only has one runway but it has been paved. Even though it is very small, it is a very popular airport thanks to Apia. It is faster to drive to Fagali airport than it is to a larger airport which is approximately 40 minutes away.

When arriving at Fagali keep expectations low. There is a small area for check-in and customs. The person behind the counter handles everything from checking tickets to weighing luggage. Do not be surprised if you are asked to be weighed with the luggage. The small eight seater planes are only allowed to carry so much weight and passengers’ weight counts. While waiting for a plane, pull up a comfortable bench. Feel free to wander across the street to get a snack and a drink. There is no place at the airport to get a meal. No food or drinks are allowed on the planes.

To get from the airport to the village is as simple as waving down a bus marked Fagali. The bus driver drives around for awhile looking for passengers and then will proceed to go to the village. To get back to the terminal, hail a cab. Walking is not an option because of wild dogs. The airport is not much, but it does serve its purpose.

About Fagali Airport : www.booking.com/place/ws-1307199.pt-br.html